2014 GSA Distinguished International Lecturer – Dr. Marjorie A. Chan

The Geological Society of America is proud to announce the 2014 International Lecture Tour arranged under the guidance of the GSA International Section. Dr. Marjorie A. Chan is GSA’s 2014 Distinguished International Lecturer and is a Professor of Geology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the coming months, Speaking of Geoscience will feature a series of dispatches from Dr. Chan as she travels to India, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China and Korea.

Stay tuned!


Getting ready for GSA’s international lecture travel…….Margie

4 responses to “2014 GSA Distinguished International Lecturer – Dr. Marjorie A. Chan

  1. Thank you Nazrul for your support and that of GSA’s International Section – it will be a grand adventure!

  2. Dr. Marjorie Chan will connect with geoscientists as far as New Zealand, Far East and south East Asia to spread GSA’s globalization mission through her dynamic personality and animated lectures. In the past, Dr. Victor Baker, as an inaugural lecturer of the GSA International Lecture Tour, took the lead and captivated hundreds of participants in Europe and elevated the stature of this new initiative funded by Robbie Gries (first woman to serve as AAPG president). I long forward to reading about the outcomes of Dr. Chan’s current tour.

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