Dr. Ross S. Stein is GSA’s outgoing 2018 James B. Thompson, Jr. Distinguished International Lecturer from within North America, presenting exciting and cutting edge geoscience research as part of a foreign tour arranged under the guidance of the GSA International Committee. Dr. Stein is CEO and cofounder of Temblor, Inc. a free mobile app and daily blog that lets everyone on earth know their seismic risk and learn how they could reduce it. He is also Adjunct Professor of Geophysics at Stanford University and USGS Scientist Emeritus. In the coming weeks, Speaking of Geoscience will feature several dispatches from Dr. Stein as he travels to universities and geological institutions in Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Italy, and France.

Stay tuned! We will post new dispatches as we receive them…


Note: The recent earthquakes in Mexico have changed the landscape of Stein’s lecture tour plans.  A number of blogs about the Mexican quakes are available on Temblor.net in English and Spanish and look as closely as possible at key issues and available data.