By Jay Merrill, GSA 2016 Student Organizing Committee


Firstly, a big thanks to all for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of GSA 2016. This year’s Annual Meeting and Exposition has quite a bit to offer, and I am excited to be involved in what should be a spectacular string of events.

My name is Jay Merrill and I am finishing up my last year studying geosciences at Colorado State University. As a part of the student organizing committee for GSA 2016, I have the responsibility of co-coordinating an event called “Night at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS).” The intent of this event is to bring together students and young professionals to talk about their lives as they begin their careers in geology. My hope is that many connections will be forged and the wide world of geology will become slightly smaller through dialogue and networking. In preparation for such an event, I have a list of duties which I hope will culminate in a worthwhile and satisfying event for everyone. Over the past couple months I have assisted in securing transportation to and from DMNS, discussed sponsorships for the event, and made sure there will be plenty of good food for a wide variety of palates.

GSA 2016 Student Organizing Committee

The student committee is also heading another social event called “Student Downtown Deal Night” in which students will visit local pubs in the Denver area, get a taste of Denver culture, and engage socially through networking and sharing experience together.  These events are just some of the opportunities for students at the meeting. More information about these events and other career development opportunities for students during GSA 2016, can be found on the GSA website.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science – Credit: Wikimedia Commons

On behalf of the Student Committee and CSU, I want to welcome you to GSA 2016. I’m sure this Meeting and Exposition will provide many opportunities to expand upon our shared love of geology. Thank you for adding to the excitement of the events, and I hope you enjoy your time here in Denver!