Washington, D.C. – New legislation recognizing the importance of Earth Sciences on everyday life was introduced by a Northern California Representative on October 8.

Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) introduced the House “Earth Science Week Resolution” just prior to the 18th annual international Earth Science Week, which began October 11. “With recognition of Earth Sciences by the House, we can bring more attention to the broad impact of the research and exciting discoveries that affect our daily lives,” Honda said in a statement.

Dusk on Capitol Hill. Credit: Elizabeth Goldbaum.
Dusk on Capitol Hill. Credit: Elizabeth Goldbaum.

The “earth sciences are integral to the discovery, development, and conservation of energy, water, and natural resources and to the safe disposal of waste products,” part of the resolution reads. The resolution includes marine science, planetary science, STEM education and natural hazard research, among other topics in Earth science.

The resolution has 36 cosponsors and extensive support among earth science organizations including the Geological Society of America. “Whether people are filling a glass of water, putting gas in their car, or choosing a stable site for their home, they are building on a foundation of geoscience information,” P. Patrick Leahy, the Executive Director of the American Geosciences Institute, said in a statement on behalf of 51 scientific and professional Earth Science societies.

“Geoscientists and researchers in our country continually push the frontiers of human knowledge, help develop and incubate the concepts and programs that keep us at the innovative forefront of the world’s economy, and inspire future generations of researchers, scientists, and informed citizens,” Honda said.