28 October: Seoul, Korea – 2014 GSA Distinguished International Lecture Tour

Seoul, Korea was the last city and the last leg of my GSA Distinguished International Lecture Tour.  We started in Songdo International City, a new development along the shoreline at Incheon.

Central Park in Songdo International City is a popular place for residents to visit.

There I spoke to high school students at Chadwick International School, and then at the new Songdo Global University, where University of Utah has its newly emerging Asia campus.

The new Songdo Global University incorporates programs from several institutions including the University of Utah – Asia Campus.

From Incheon, we moved to the most prominent university of South Korea–Seoul National University (SNU). Like many other cities of Asia, the tentacles of Seoul are vast.

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea with a metropolitan area of > 25 million people.

Our host Prof. Yong Il Lee (SNU) used military precision timing to get us in and out of the city to see the highlights that we thought would be impossible to cover.  Those sights included a night tour of city lights and bridges, the secret garden of Changdeokung Palace, the Bukchon Hanok village, and Seoul Tower (all the way to the top!).  Our visit in Seoul was less than a week, and like most places on my tour, it would have been fun to stay longer.

The Seoul Tower (here shown lit at night) is the highest point in Seoul.

My husband and I enjoyed the view of the city from Seoul Tower.

The Bukchon Hanok village has narrow streets and traditional architecture (foreground). The Seoul Tower is on the right horizon.

The South Gate (Namdaemun) of Seoul has been restored and is considered the country’s No. 1 National Treasure.

With commitments for the 2014 GSA Annual Meeting, I flew from Seoul to Vancouver without a break.  It is with a bit of nostalgia that I say this is the end of what has been a wonderful experience.  I logged enough miles to reach gold medallion status with Delta airlines, another first for me.  I enjoyed being an ambassador for both GSA and the University of Utah.  I am thankful for the many fond memories of delightful students, colleagues, and scenes and flavors of international lands and cultures.

– Margie